StarFall: Silver Arrow #4: "The Difference Made"

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> Looking over it, I agree.  There is definitely a step missing, but I
> really can't see what the step is just yet.  She's probably so lost in
> the criminal persona she's created that she can't see the step
> herself. So, when viewing things from the inside (so to speak), it's
> harder for me to see it.

Makes sense.  Hopefully we get an opportunity for further exploration
later on.

> I wrestled with what name to give her, and just kept coming back to
> "White Crane".  It makes sense given her background - and nicely
> inverts the trope as well.  You know the trope: the archer hero with a
> martial artist girlfriend with a bird theme.  Green Arrow/Black
> Canary. Hawkeye/Mockingbird. Golden Archer (later Black Archer)/Lady
> Lark.  Red Arrow (formerly Speedy and Arsenal)/Hawkgirl.

It's definitely a good identity (even though those last two examples
are surely playing off previous examples as much as you are). It's not
an "obvious" homage, and it can stand on its own even separated from
its counterpart.

> Maybe it's because it helps explain *why* the spandex set gets away
> with wearing the spandex? ;)

Eh.  It's no weirder than black leather, that's for sure.

> Yes.  "Los Gatos del Rio" is the gang; "El Gato Negro", or the Black
> Cat, is their leader (incidentally, "La Tigra" is his second-in-
> command).  Sorry for the confusion.

Ah, okay.  All sorted out!

> Thanks.  Incidentally, the third segment - Hugh's - was the hardest to
> write because it  was harder for me to get into his head.  He's not as
> messed up in the head as the other two. It's funny; he's that rarity
> among the spandex set: a mentally healthy individual.

I think it's because it's easier to write a plot around someone who's
messed-up.  See also the difficulty people have in coming up with good
Superman storylines.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, I prefer the less-twisted meself.

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