StarFall/WWW: Web Site Up

Phantasm phantom_belcher at
Sun Dec 12 16:34:21 PST 2010

The StarFall website - - is back
up.  I'm still in the middle of HTMLizing stuff from way back when
(Jamie, I'm sad to say your ASCII formatting in Swamp Patrol does not
translate that well into HTML... sorry), but the intent will be to
have everything from the rediscovered Swamp Patrol Ashcan Edition to
Metal Fire: False Maria and Swamp Patrol: Continuity Breakdowns -
including the full runs of City Streets, Blood Ties, and Trespass,
plus the various one-shots - in HTML format.

Also, I'm looking for anyone who would be willing to write for
StarFall.  Jamie, Wil, you guys are welcome back any time.

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