MISC: One Day at a Time #4

James Mason mason.james.jamesmason at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 21:14:47 PST 2010

                       Chapter 4: A Quiet Morning
  Man, Bill has been acting odd. Yesterday, when he got home, he 
immediately got into the shower and started complaining about glass and 
bank robbers then went to bed.

  You'd think he would be more careful about being a magical cat 
person. I mean, I'm careful about me being a mage ever since I got my 
powers from that mysterious voice.

  Even when he puts up that illusion of being a normal human I can see 
through it. Does he even know it's an illusion? Well, as long he can 
maintain a masquerade, he'll be fine.

  "Hey, John, are you there?"

  "...huh? Yeah! What is it?"

  "I'm asking you for the milk."

  "Oh. Uh, isn't that bad for you?"

  "No, I had some yesterday with my cereal before going to work."

  "Oh, right... by the way, I heard the factory exploded. What 

  "If I knew, I would have told someone, and the investigation would be 

  "Yeah, that's true. When did they say you could come back to work?"

  "They haven't. I just hope they don't dock my pay."

  "At least you're getting a vacation. I still have to go to the lab. I 
don't know why we have to work on Nepeta cataria, we make stuff for 

  "Oh, well-- what did you say?"

  "Nepeta cataria, catnip, the stuff that messes up cats."

  "Ah. ...that's what I thought you said."

  Okay, I lied about the catnip. But I wanted keep him on edge. If 
there's something he's lacking, it's edge. He should be edgier. "Well, 
I have to work now. Bye!"

  Awww, crap, he's going to bring the *smell* and the *plant* and it'll 
make things *worse*... well, there's only one thing I can to do.

  "Hey John!"


  "Can you keep a secret?"

  I decided that the best thing I could do was to tell him I was a 

  So he told me he was a mage.

  ...I didn't expect that.
  "Well, now what?"

  "Now I go to work, because I'm going to be late. By the way, just so 
you know, I lied about the catnip."

  "Oh, okay then." He knows I hate it when he lies about something for 
my own good!

  Well, nothing to do now but to finish breakfast, have a little 
snooze, and go fight crime! Just got to set my alarm and zzzzzzzzz...

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