[MISC] GODLING # 19: The Battle for New Troy

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[MISC] GODLING # 19:  The Battle for New Troy
by J. Vandersteen

                       THE BATTLE FOR NEW TROY

Godling is down on the floor, surrounded by Death Dog and other thugs.
Death Dog shouts triumphantly that the city is theirs, when suddenly
twelve new figures appear and tell him all hope for New Troy is not
yet lost.
“How…” Death Dog utters as he recognizes the twelve men. They are all…
Godlings! One Godling, who seems to be the leaders wears blue spandex
and a high-tech headpiece. Other Godlings look almost exactly the same
for the Godling on the floor, except for wearing other boots or other
colors. Some other ones are wearing helmets or totally different
suits, one of them for example is wearing red chainmail and a gold
helmet. Godling’s signature gold belt he is wearing however.
“Let’s see how you thugs fare against a number that’s a bit more equal
to yours!” the high-tech Golding says. Then he and his fellow Godlings
attack the thugs.
The Godling in red hammers through a horde of villains using a glowing
mace while the others use their superstrength and lightning bolts.
There’s one Godling using a sword, another using a bow and arrows.
High-tech Godling uses a fancy looking, high-tech staff that fires
bolts of energy, taking out Nuclear Warrior. Just a few minutes later
the villains have been beaten. Death Dog is the only one left
standing, bleeding from his nose, standing eye to eye with the Godling
in red.
“I don’t know where you fools are coming from, but you haven’t beaten
me yet!” Death Dog says.
The Red Godling springs into action, using Hermes speed and a good
whack on Death Dog’s head with his mace to take the villain out. “We
have now,” Red Godling says.
High-tech Godling helps up our Godling, using the healing powers of
Asclepius to fix him up.
“Who are you guys?” Godling asks full of wonder when he regains
“We are the Godlings of the future. The Greek gods gathered us up from
the timestream to help you out in this defining point in your
“So you guys are all me, but in the future?” Our Godling asks.
“Indeed,” High-tech Godling says. “Personally, I’m from the year
“Really? But that’s amazing!”
“You’re a demi-god now, Me. That means you get to live a long time.”
“Since you’re from the future, do you have any idea what’s been going
on here? All these superpowered thugs showing up, this trap…”
“I sure have,” High-tech Godling answered. “That’s part of the reason
we’re here. Master Destiny is behind all these thugs getting
superpowers. As we speak he’s busy conquering City Hall, becoming New
Troy’s new mayor. When he’s managed to do that, he’ll slowly start
conquering the USA and after that the world. In the future where I
come he’s been defeated, but the Godling in black over there is from a
time where Master Destiny is the ruler of Earth.”
A Godling with black spandex and an eye-patch steps forward. “I am.
With  a group of dedicated rebels I fight against him and his
superpowered army, trying to topple him from his throne. He’s very
powerful, however. Using his Spear of Destiny, a mystical artefact
that seems to be able to do anything he wishes, along with his many
powered soldiers he’s managed to defeat all other countries armies and
install himself as the sole ruler of Earth. Not many people dare to
oppose him. He’s enslaved hundreds of young women in his harem, has
men fight against each other in arenas, as gladiators, just to amuse
“He’s that powerful?” Our Godling asked.
Black Godling nodded. “He is. And his reign of terror starts here,
today. Unless we stop him.”
Our Godling made a fist. “Let’s do it.”

Master Destiny, standing between the dead and unconscious bodies of
the cops that tried to oppose him, in front of City Hall, lifts his
Spear of Destiny. It glows and then, suddenly the earth starts to
move, rocks and dirts piling on top of each other, lifting City Hall
up in the air, creating a mountain of sorts on top of where it rests.
It towers above the other buildings, circled by Destiny’s henchmen
that are able to fly.
Officer Janson is lying near him, semi-conscious only. He grabs her
hair and lifts her up. He kisses her and tells her, “You’re the first
woman to join my harem. Many more will follow to please me as my men
conquer the neighbouring cities.”
She starts to pound his body with her fists, but he doesn’t even seem
to notice. He smiles. “While I carry the Spear, nothing can hurt me
little lady.”
Janson spits in his face. “I’ll die before I join your harem, creep!”
“That can be easily arranged. But I think I’ll enjoy breaking your
spirit much more than simply killing you,” Destiny says.

The Godlings all fly, using the power of Perseus, towards City Hall.
High-tech Godling is flying next to Our Godling.
“In your future we win this one, right?” Our Godling asks.
“Yeah, we do. There are some sacrifices that have to be made, though.”
“If you know the outcome, you can influence those, can’t you?”
“I’m not sure. This time travel stuff is pretty complicated. I haven’t
been doing a lot of it. I think the last time was when I went up
against Lord Chronomancer. That didn’t end too well. If it hadn’t been
for my healing powers I would have died of the bubonic plague.”
“Lord Chronomancer?”
“I guess you’ll meet him in a few years or so. Can’t tell you too much
though, there’s too many theories that say knowing too much about your
future might be bad for the stability of the timestream.”
“So I’m better off asking the Oracle of Delphi about my future?”
“Come on, Me. Think about it, do you really want to know what happens
next? Doesn’t that take away all the fun out of living?”
“I guess you’re right,” Our Godling says.
Red Godling, flying in front, points ahead and says, “There, City
Hall! And Master Destiny has already turned it into his personal
City Hall stands on top of a great mountain and is covered with barbed

Master Destiny stands in the mayor’s office. The mayor is hanging from
the ceiling, a chain wrapped around his neck, his tongue hanging out
of his mouth, obviously dead. Destiny tells him, “Too bad this city
wasn’t big enough for the two of us, Mr. Mayor. I loved that Spin City
show. Thought maybe we could have some kind of laughs like that around
here. But all those protests of you taking control of the city
wouldn’t have worked. I just had to kill you.”
He turns around and says, “Seems like you girls will have to provide
my entertainment.”
Darlene King and Officer Janson are sitting on the floor, clothed in
red bikini’s, collars around their necks to which chains are attached.
“I’ll get out of these chains and then I will kill you. Painfully,”
Darlene swears.
Destiny laughs. “I’m enjoying you girls already. Just be nice and you
won’t end up like your mayor.”

Monica Sawyer is watching TV in her apartment. The TV is showing news
footage of Wade Hudson and the other cops facing off against Master
Destiny and his thugs. She’s crying.
A voice-over says, “The police force seems totally overwhelmed by this
attack. The leader of this group of henchmen calls himself Master
Destiny and claims he will be taken over from the mayor…”
When Monica sees Wade lying unconscious at Destiny’s feet she cries,
“WADE!” She shakes her head. “What is happening to this city? Who is
that? God, Wade… Please be alive! Why did I have to fall in love with
a man that puts his life in danger every day of the week?”
She walks over to the window and watches the sky. “Godling? Godling,
where are you? Please help us!”

The flying thugs, some covered in flames, some with batwings or
birdwings, see the Godlings fly nearer and nearer to City Hall. One of
them, apparently the leader of the group, a thug wearing a red helmet
with hawk’s wing on his back points at the Godlings and lifts a gun in
the air. “Enemies ahead! Prepare to take them down!”
The Godlings arrive. High-tech Godling tells the group, “Attack!”


The last couple of issues have been written in the present tense, with
short scenes and a low word count. This way I hope to give you the
feeling you’re reading a fast-paced comic book. Also, it makes it
easier to read it online. A nice fast read you can read as soon as
it’s posted, giving you as much bang as I can for every word. Does it
I am however, thinking about upping the word count a bit so I can put
a little more in a single issue. This way the story can go a bit
deeper and I can put out some selfcontained issue. What do you think?
Should I go back to the format of the first few issues? Or should I
keep putting out the stories in this format and maybe add some Godling
Limited Series and Specials to add a few extra layers to the story?
Let me know what you guys think!

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