MISC: One Day at a Time #3

Andrew Perron pwerdna at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 20:42:54 PST 2010

                 Chapter 3: This One is a Bit Different.

  New Milan, the city I've sworn to protect and serve. I am police 
chief Victor Montague. I have solved over a hundred crimes and have 
captured over a thousand criminals. And right now, I'm interviewing two 
bank robbers who say they were foiled by a cat.

  "Now what did you say he looked like?" I said, putting a little bit 
of intimidation behind it. Let them know who's boss.

  "Like we said, some sort of cat person! He looked just like a cat, 
but a person!"

  "You said that already. Any distinguishing features?"

  "Well, he had an M on his forehead."

  "As in, it was painted on?"

  "Well, no... rather, it was part of his... hair."

  "So what you're telling me is, he parted his hair and put an M-shaped 
sticker on his forehead?"

  "N-no, why did you think that? We didn't say anything like that!"

  "Well, that's what I would do."

  Eventually we got details. Apparently, this cat guy was a mackerel 
tabby cat man, who seemed to be wearing normal clothing with 
fashionable green stripes and a deep, sexy voice.

  Afterward, we got called in for the special 1%. MURDER!

  It wasn't pretty.  It seems the victim just exploded next to a row of 
storefronts. There didn't seem to be any rhyme or reason.

  "Can't wait to see the autopsy," I said morbidly.

  "I know what you mean," replied Deputy Robertson, my second-in-
command and my best friend. He's been there ever since the "red door" 
incident. Ugh... whenever I think about that case... well, I'm just 
glad I have some one to talk to.

  "What I'm wondering," I wondered, "is *how* the killer extracted this 
guy's organs in front of everybody with out being seen or damaging 

  "Well, there were reports of a floating man between the buildings. 
They say he pointed, then this guy's organs exploded out of his body. I 
wonder if he had the money to set up some sort of hologram project or 
some complex killing thingy."

  "Hmm, do you think this has to do with that cat-man?"

   "You mean the one that stopped that robbery?"

  "No, the one that's on television. OF COURSE THE ONE THAT STOPPED THE 

  "Okay! Geez! No need to get snippy!"
  "Well, I just--"

  "Can I say something?" 

  "Where... did that voice come from?"

  Robertson asked a good question. Where *did* that voice come from?

  "Down here."

  ...oh, you've got to be kidding me.

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