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Artifice Comics - http://www.artificecomics.com

Bento Box #1 (re-issue) - http://artificecomics.com/2010/12/bento-box-1/

It's the return of Bento Box!

Last year we started a new anthology of short fiction called Bento
Box. The purpose was to give readers a quick dose of new stories and
allow authors a way to introduce new characters while committing to a
regular, short segment. Some things conspired to derail the project
but with the return of Artifice comes new doses of "bite-sized

We're happy to present the re-issue of Bento Box #1 in EPUB and PDF
formats for your reading pleasure. Come back tomorrow for #2 and
Wednesday for an all new issue, #3! Gasp!


Artifice Comics - http://www.artificecomics.com

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