[LNHY] Looniverse Y #7

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Wed Dec 1 17:17:31 PST 2010

                         _____        _____
                         \    \      /    /
                          \    \    /    /
                           \    \  /    /
                            \    \/    /
                             \        /
                              \      /

  L      O      O      N      I      V      E      R      S      E

                              |     |
                              |     |

                            N U M B E R 
                             S E V E N
[The cover shows every LNHY supervillain, dead or alive - Before Satan 
Guy, Madam Middle Finger, SAGneto, several Wondersocks, Doctor 
Apocalypse, Tsurlich, and many others - in a group, hands raised in 
surprise or cowering in fear, in front of a surprisingly short figure, 
silhouetted and lit from behind...]


                    "Incorrupting The Corruptible"


The Mysterious Shadowy Messing-with-Destiny Dude wiped the sweat from 
his brow and sighed.  For six years, he had wandered Planet T-Bone, 
looking for Geoff Grooves, destined leader of the System Corrupters, so 
he could give him the System Corrupters Franchise Setup Kit.

Six years, infiltrating exclusive casinos, shaking down underworld 
informants, watching cosmic crises from afar.  Six years, trying to 
slip out on the job, only for a man drinking a banana daquiri to catch 
his eye and shake his head before he could make it out the door. But 
Grooves was nowhere to be found.

This was bad.  The balance of order and chaos was severely out of 
whack.  The walls between Looniverses were crumbling.  Wondersocks and 
nightsiders roamed freely.  And God was acting like a total bastard.

...actually, that last one was fairly normal.  But the balance was 
still out of whack!  And all because he couldn't get rid of this 
thrice-Anti-Party-Zoned briefcase.

He was so engrossed in this line of self-flagellation that he tripped 
over a small shape, skating at high speed.

"Waugh!" "Augh!"

The Mysterious Dude landed in a heap. "Ohhhh..."

He picked himself up, taking the shorter person off with one hand, and 
looked at them.  It turned out to be a small boy wearing a jumpsuit and 
domino mask, who waved cheerfully at him.

"Who are you?" inquired the Mysterious Dude doubtfully.

"I'm gonna be the newest member of the LNH!  I'm Kid Enthusiastic-Y."


"Why not?" He broke into a giggling fit.

The Mysterious Dude rolled his shadowy eyes. "Yes, well, I'm sure 
you'll be an asset to the team." He dropped Kid Enthusiastic-Y on the 
sidewalk, where the latter scooped up his backpack and everything that 
had fallen out of it."

"Thanks!  See you later!" Kid E-Y zipped around the corner and out of 

The Mysterious Shadowy Messing-with-Destiny Dude sighed.  Well, back to 
his... burden...

Wait a minute.  Where was the briefcase!?


Halfway to the LNHHQ, Kid Enthusiastic-Y noticed something hanging out 
of his backpack.  He stopped and pulled it out, examining the "Property 
of the System Corrupters" brand.  The latches popped open easily, and a 
light spilled over his face.  He whispered, "Cool..."


NAME: Kid Enthusiastic-Y
  CREATED BY: Andrew Perron <pwerdna at gmail.com>
  TYPE: Usable Without Permission
  SECRET IDENTITY: James Yasashiku Preponderation
  POWERS: Super-science gadgetry, naturally sunny disposition
  ADD. NOTES: Leader of the System Corrupters.  Determined to make them 
the best supervillain team ever, goshdarnit!


Author's Note: Ha hah!  I was reading old LNHY stories, and inspiration 
suddenly hit, causing me to whip this up in a few hours' time.

So, now that we actually have a leader for the System Corrupters, it's 
time for a membership drive!  My challenge to all you RACConteurs out 
there: Write an issue of Looniverse Y auditioning a new member of the 
System Corrupters!  Remember the rules Arthur laid down: one System 
Corrupter per writer (though you can certainly have other hopefuls try 
and fail!), and the lucky villain must be Usable Without Permission!

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, told you I'd do one.

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