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Yes, we're still around!

Now this week at Artifice Comics:


The third of six, short free anthologies features several short
ficlets detailing the infamous spider-leg horror, the chwidencha and
new monster, the cuckquean as well as information on the physiology
and history of both beasts.

Also featured is the continuation of Jason S. Kenney’s Love Amongst
Strangers serial, staring Bush43 and Ayesha Swanson from the original
novel. This story also marks the return of Termin from Chris Munn’s
fantastic Anthology 2 piece, Frozen in Heaven (originally posted on AC
back in 2003) and of Jericho Vilar’s Johann Weisz and Matthew Cavazos’
Sheila Torrance in a sidestory to the latter’s Talisman series.

- A Little Bit About Termin (Mysteria: Frozen In Heaven Ebook)

This week's release of THE BLACKFRIARS BESTIARY: third tome included
some characters long time AC readers may have recognized. Not just
Jeffery Carter/Bush43 but the too rarely used Termin. Created by Chris
Munn, Termin first appeared in Anthology 2 #29 - Mysteria: Frozen In
Heaven as a member of Mages of America. Now enjoy the AC re-release of
Frozen In Heaven in both EPUB and PDF format.

And more to come! Yay!


Artifice Comics - http://www.artificecomics.com

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