CONTEST: High Concept 12 Voting (& Results)

Russ Allbery eagle at
Mon Aug 30 17:16:12 PDT 2010

Saxon Brenton <Saxon.Brenton at> writes:
> On Tuesday 31/August/2010 Russ Allbery replied:
>> Saxon Brenton <saxonbrenton at> writes:

>> It fell into the manual moderation queue because I'd not added the
>> relevant keyword to the keyword list for autoposting.  Fixed now.

> Okay, that's interesting.  Am I correct in assuming that it was 'HCC12'
> in the subject line rather than 'Contest'?


> In which case I should make a mental note to add 'Contest' in the
> appropriate subject description in the future.  Or is it something else
> we should nevertheless be aware of?

Well, mostly it's just bugs in the software that I never have time to go
fix.  If you don't mind waiting until I do a manual queue run, usually I
get to that fast enough that people mostly don't notice the difference.
In this particular case, I took Sunday "off" from the world and then had
meetings all day today, which is why the long delay.  I don't think that
people really need to change posting styles to work around the fact that
the software is kind of old and creaky.

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