CONTEST: High Concept 12 Voting (& Results)

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at
Mon Aug 30 17:07:00 PDT 2010

Tom wrote:
> Saxon's entry just came through-- simultaneous with the posting of
> this topic-- so I'll revise the survey accordingly and link to it
> later this evening. I think for the sake of fairness, I will ask Dave
> to choose one of his stories as an official entry, in case of vote-
> splitting or the like.

Freaky.  Comparing the posting and arrival times on my hotmail account, 
a mere 30 hours late.
Saxon Brenton
Swears on a stack of Kurt Busiek comics: really did post it on the 
afternoon of 29th August (which would be late evening 28th on the 
US side of the international date line)

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