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On Fri, 20 Aug 2010 03:05:25 +0000 (UTC), Dave Van Domelen wrote:

> When you got down to it, almost none of NYC's vigilantes
> were all that brutal.  The DSHA and NYPD had ways to make things unpleasant
> for people who crossed too many lines.


> Sproinger went the
> other way, acting like a goof to lull his opponents into making mistakes,
> failing to take him seriously.

Awesome!  I'd like to see more of this guy.  Whatever happens to him,

>      "We call it chaffing, Sproinger.  I, and some like-minded superhumans
> with major technical skills but a distressing tendency to become
> incapacitated in combat decided that we could better serve the greater good
> by protecting the lives and reputations of the ones who were more suited to
> direct action.  It used to be that a good mask and some basic precautions
> could keep an identity secret, especially if you had the authorities on your
> side to help suppress things."

Very nice.

>      "You know what they say, Peter...on the internet, nobody knows you're a
> dog.  Or a Lupine Unit."

Wonk wonk waaaaaaa

>      Just a quick vignette expanding on an idea I had last week in response
> to a thread on Livejournal building off my review of Adventure Comics #517.
> One poster complained that the idea of trying to bring back the secret ID for
> Ray Palmer was stupid, and that evolved into a general discussion of how hard
> it is to keep a secret ID in the internet age.  I suggested someone (who I
> called the Obfuscator) might be going around faking pics of various heroes
> unmasking, in order to make it less likely that real evidence would be
> believed.

Makes sense. *coughcoughOracle'sjobcoughcough*

> And because it
> let me build to that last line.  I wanted to avoid making up entirely new
> people for this story, and this sort of thing is why I maintain the various
> rosters.  ;)

Continuity!  Woo!

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, foobar!

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