ASH/HCC: Coherent Super Stories #22 - In Vivo, Veritas

Scott Eiler seiler at
Sun Aug 15 15:47:34 PDT 2010

> Author's Notes:
>      Written for High Concept Challenge #12, "Under the Weather".  I'd
> originally planned to set this story in 1990 or 1991, but once I decided I
> wanted to have the Dark Brigade working as muscle I had to push it forward
> a bit since I previously established that the new Brightsword and Darkshield
> became active around 1994.

If I recall correctly, your universe's frontline for new stories is
2026.  Thus far my eyes have glazed out when reading that far ahead.
But I like the old stuff.  I feel like it's closer to history I
recognize.  I usually prefer present-day stories, which is
coincidentally what I write.  Perhaps that's just me.  Still, I made
it all the way through this story and enjoyed it.

A hero named "Balder" who doesn't have Balder-weakness is a nice
touch. Now, did Balder actually defeat his enemies this time by
thrashing about while sneezing?

>      Balder was one of the "blink and you miss him" player characters in the
> original ASH campaign, I think the player used him once or twice before
> making up a different character.

Heh.  Crusher Joe Corrigan originated the same way in my universe, at
about the same time.  Now he's Vice-President.

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