SW10, HCC10: The Waitress From Beyond

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Wed Aug 11 19:51:26 PDT 2010

On Aug 10, 9:45 pm, Andrew Perron <pwer... at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Aug 2010 06:23:21 +0000 (UTC), Scott Eiler wrote:

> > My New York City started paying attention to superhumans in 1992,
> > shortly after the supergenius telepath "Ellipsis", who'd given himself
> > massive energy powers, moved there and started hiring people to
> > protect his wife.  My U.S. Gov was much more paranoid than NYC was;
> > President Bush hounded Ellipsis and all superhumans offshore, got re-
> > elected, then invaded the Bahamas.  The U.S. lost that war.  By 1997,
> > President Rodham was ready for reconciliation...
> Innnnnnnnteresting.  I love when the presence of superhumans influences
> history - especially when it's in a multifaceted way.

That's not even half of it.

I've realized, Nell the migrant waitress will be telling a different
story.  In my world, thanks to reality shift, the superhumans have one
history and the planet has another.   Nell knows the planetary history
now.  I've published what she knows as an update to
http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2010/waitress.htm .  (This starts
with an internment camp in 2006.)  But my statement still stands:
Superhuman World 2010 has adapted to superhumans faster than the
Marvel Universe has.

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