REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #78 - June 2010 [spoilers]

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Sun Aug 1 15:03:49 PDT 2010

On Sun, 1 Aug 2010 02:03:43 +0000 (UTC), Tom Russell wrote:

> My hope, as mentioned
> elsewhere, was that Martin's perhaps quixotic sacrifice was heroic and
> dignified enough to offset the terrible circumstances which put him in
> that situation; it is entirely possible, however, that a quixotic
> sacrifice in a superhero story is mutually exclusive to the genre.

I don't think so.  Heroism is heroism, and sometimes, lost causes are the
only ones worth fighting for. *puts a crysanthemum on Lost Cause Boy's

Besides, sometimes, you try and it just doesn't work.  That's life; it's
not pointlessly dark, it's just how it works sometimes.

> "I'd like to say that one day, the truth did come out, that poor
> Fish was vindicated from the grave.  But what good would that do him;
> what comfort would it provide?  The dead are dead.  The future holds
> promise and terror in equal measure, but it only does so for the
> living."
> -- which I'm still quite proud of, and which I hoped would resonate in
> a more... how do I say this without being too pretentious?  I guess I
> can just say that I wanted those words to be evocative of something
> bigger than Fish, something bigger than any one person.

And, IMHO, it did.  I gotta say, that's my favorite part of the whole

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