META/LNH: Character Usability Thingy Stuff

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at
Thu Apr 29 16:42:27 PDT 2010

Andrew Perron wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Apr 2010 02:55:08 +0000 (UTC), Phantasm wrote:
>> I know I've had a few characters that were "Not Reserved" moved into
>> the "Reserved By" category - mainly Incredible Man-With-No-Life and
>> CAPTAIN CAPITALIZE in the a.outSiders.  It seems they moved back into
>> the Not Reserved category when I disappeared from RACC.  (As their
>> last location in a.outSiders was the LNHQ, that wasn't as much of a
>> problem as it could have been.)
> Or possibly they were never updated in the roster in the first place. `-`;
> *slowly going through wiki fixing stuff*
>> I'm all for this Free-For-Use category, with the proper caveat that
>> characters who are generally not Reserved for a certain amount of time
>> and are commonly ex-Public Domain or former Not Reserved get moved
>> back to Free For Use when they haven't been used for a while.
> Hmmmmm, this is a good point - reservation of characters you didn't create;
> how should it work?  Heck, how *does* it work?  I've never been quite sure.
> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, confuzzled.

Basically how I see it working is that you only have control over the 
characters and concepts you have created, or ones that other people have 
given you control over...

The rest is anarchy... and the whole Reserved and Not Reserved list is 
kind of meaningless.  Of course most LNH writers are polite and will 
observe a 'reserve listing' for a time... but reserving something 
doesn't give you that character till the end of time... and certainly if 
you disappear for more than a year, I'd say those reserved characters 
are fair game.

As for a 'Free-For-Use' category I'm fine with that...

Maybe there should be a list on the wiki of all the LNH characters that 
are 'Free-For-Use'.

Arthur "That's how I see it" Spitzer

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