LNH/Contest: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #35 HCC8

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 25 19:08:37 PDT 2010

Scott replied:
>>   Kind of unfocused as a story.
> The heroes seemed highly focused to me, and the battle was exciting.
> It would have been nice to have a visual effect for when spots and
> stripes battle... but I suppose that's the sort of thing that mortal
> eye was not meant to see.
[Before I get into the reply proper, I'll just note: AAAaaargh!!!  I was 
so busy trying to finish the story off and post it yesterday afternoon 
that I COMPLETELY FORGOT to have Occultism Kid make the throwaway comment 
about plaid versus paisley among the other paraochial level dualities.]
Okay then.  Perhaps I'm being overly picky, but my gut feeling is that 
I only used the concept of opposites as a way of picking a theme villain 
and hanging a superhero story on it, rather than exploring the concept.  
If it had of been longer I probably would have had more emphasis on the 
two Lords, and perhaps got into their headspaces.  As it is the story 
*does* work better than the last time I did a HHC entry which didn't 
*quite* manage to focus on the concept (LNHv2 #31 - the 'kitbashed hero' 
with Unity, W.I.L.B.U.R., and Limp-Asparagus Lad). 
I agree that the fight scene works well (something of a pleasant surprise, 
because it was the last bit written and was literally being worked on 
while I was doing my Sunday desk shift yesterday).  However for the most 
part the I think it works because it's mostly got lots of good character 
interaction.  All three leads were fun to write for one reason or another.
Saxon Brenton
Daleks not only don't have noses, they don't a sense of humour.  So if 
you trap one in a Monthy Python skit they will predictably self-destruct 
in confusion and fear.
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