SW10: The Opposites: Part 2, and Artwork Update

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Mon Apr 19 20:02:30 PDT 2010

I've created a cover for this story, at http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2010/opposites.htm
.  I couldn't get a picture of a mosaic of Saint Cecilia due to
licensing issues, but presumably a picture of a statue of her is
public domain if nobody objects.

Story updates live at the web site too.  Thanks for the review,
Andrew.   I've added what action I could.  It's not much, but it is
shown here.  I don't intend for it to affect contest scores, but I do
appreciate the opportunity to improve a story.

Where we left off, Our Goddesses had chosen their champions and
watched them merged into guitar form.  Really.

 The walls of the church faded to darkness. Gaia, Death, and the
flying guitar remained. A dark shape approached them all.

"There. A little lost sliver of the personality of the Ultimate
Darkness. Other Earths in other universes call these things Null or
Void or Hunger, and have legendary battles to repel them. We shall
soon see what battle occurs for us."

The winged smiling guitar flapped and strummed as the dark shape oozed
around it. Gaia commented, "Darkness often overwhelms at first. The
question is, shall our champions combine their strengths and shine

Then the guitar reappeared, like a lighthouse through fog. The dark
shape swarmed around it, but didn't obscure it. Then it receded,
carrying the light.

 Gaia concluded, "As we hoped. The spirit of Psychovant gives even
Nothingness more than can be digested, and the soul of Saint Cecilia
gives guidance toward the Infinite. Infinity is after all the opposite
of Nothing. Those opposites will meet and work together, even as
Cecilia and Psychovant did, and as you and I do."

Death nodded.

"Opposites must never destroy each other."

Death nodded.

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