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Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at
Mon Apr 19 14:41:00 PDT 2010

Andrew Perron asked:
> As part of a bread-and-circuses program to distract you from the
> increasingly extended contract negotiations over the RACCies (who knew that
> Building Suspense Lad was such a sharp operator?), I'm going to ask: What's
> your least favorite aspect of modern comic book stories, the stuff you
> actively try to avoid in your own work?
-shrug-  My answer to that is kind of complicated, although I can probably give a general gist without being too longwinded.
Mainly, has the story trope been done many times before, and is being done now *without any new twists* that would at least allow it to pretend to be fresh?  This is subjective, of course, because it really does depend on how many times the reader has already seen that type of story.  I'm a C.O.O.F. (comic owner over forty) and have been reading since my pre-teens.  I can't claim to have seen everything (well, I can, but I would be lying) but after a while things become familar, and over familiar, and eventually wearisome.  The one that springs to mind at the moment is the current 'dystopian future' arc happening in Willingham's _JSA_.  (And this is really strange, because it's a 'nazi occultism create a dystopian future' story, and normally I'm quite partial to nazi occultism stories.  Nevertheless, I've put this book on my 'you get three issues to impress me or you get dropped from my pull list' list.)  There are probably other tropes that would elicit a similar reaction, b
 ut you get the idea.
Then, on a specific level of personal taste: like Tom and a lot of others, I don't have much liking for 1990s style grim'n'gritty stories - in other words, dark stories that are dark for no other reason than to be dark.
Saxon Brenton

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