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On Apr 2, 1:12 am, Andrew Perron <pwer... at> wrote:
> You know, I've been looking at the older imprints, and I've been wondering:
> What was the basic concept of Starfall?  The description above is a bit
> vague.

You know, I don't think there *was* a unifying concept for the
universe when I started.  I had more ideas than my brain could hold,
and none of the other imprints at the time - mainly the LNH, NTB,
Superguy, and Omega - looked like they would be suitable for them.  I
made my first real blunder with the StarFall imprint by calling it
"the most serious universe in RACC!!!" (yes, I used multiple
exclamation points... such a n00b), and then posting a bunch of drivel
that was the first hastily-written and poorly-edited issues for City
Streets, Swamp Patrol, and Metal Fire.  The pressure of three titles
was too much, and I soon handed off writing chores for first Metal
Fire - especially after I realized I didn't have any ideas to continue
it - and later Swamp Patrol.  Thankfully, Jamie Rosen was there to
keep Swampers going.

Perhaps the one thing unifying the setting was the conspiracy that was
operating behind the scenes in both City Streets and Metal Fire.  I'd
originally imagined it as a 'shared universe', which gave me the
excuse to throw in a brief Metal Fire cameo over in City Streets, and
a Blood Ties/Swamp Patrol crossover.  (I had nothing to do with
Trespass, nor did it seem to tie in with the imprint's other titles...
I consider that title's brief run the low point in the imprint's

Ultimately, I changed the blurb for StarFall from "the most serious
universe!!!" to "lightly serious and seriously light superheroics",
reflecting both a growing maturity and a need to not take it as
seriously as I once did.

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