REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #68 - August 2009 [spoilers]

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at
Wed Sep 30 20:17:35 PDT 2009

Saxon Brenton wrote:

>      Running out of time... Running OUT of TIIIME... and while there has  
> been quite a bit if stuff happening to cause lateness, nowhere near  
> enough to justify *all* of it.
>      Hold up, what's this from _Beige Midnight_ #5?  'The Curse of  
> Saxon Brenton's Apathy'?
>      Oh sure, mock me while in pain, why don't you?
>        [A dozen figures appear on screen from stage right.  They are chibi  
>         versions of various RACC characters.  They are dancing.  And they  
>         sing a number from an old Warner Bros cartoon.  
>          "Oh we are the mockers of chorus,
>           We hope you like us so.
>           We know you've been waitin' for us,
>           But now we have to goooo."]
>      Rassing' frassin' massin'.
>      Spoilers below...

And just wait till you see #6 with my depiction of Australia based on my 
  heavy research of Crocodile Dundee movies and the 'Tie me kangaroo 
down, sport' song..

Arthur "And they all eat Vegimate Sandwiches" Spitzer

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