[LNH] Sexuality and Assumptions

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 28 23:50:57 PDT 2009

Master Blaster is Martin's character, and he's completely and totally
within his rights to ban me from using his characters, just as I was
completely within my rights to ban Jesse Willey from using any of my
characters.  I'm sure there are some who see some irony in that, some
poetic justice.

I took my characters away from Willey to protect them from being
mutilated.  I took them away after he had written a story that greatly
retconned their personal history w/r/t the deaths of other
characters-- a story that I had been sent ahead of time for approval,
a story for which approval had been unambiguously denied.  A story
that was posted anyway.  That's when I took them away, and that's when
I took the extraordinary measure of retconning away all his uses of my
characters.  I am thankful that Martin didn't take that last step; I
think the work I did with Master Blaster was the best stuff I wrote
for the LNH.

Martin and I aren't ever going to convince the other; he'll always
think that my reviews were biased, I'll always maintain that they
weren't.  I wish the argument hadn't happened-- I tried to curtail it
by not reviewing his stories, but that actually caused things to
escalate further.

I miss Master Blaster; more than that, I miss my friend.

Anyway.  Let's just drop it.

On Sep 28, 11:38 pm, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at yahoo.com> wrote:
> On Sep 29, 8:37 am, Arthur Spitzer <arspit... at earthlink.net> wrote:
> > Arthur "Come on.. end this Martin..." Spitzer
> I didn't start it.  Don't suggest that I did.
> Martin

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