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On Tue, 1 Dec 2009 00:16:52 +0000 (UTC), Arthur Spitzer wrote:

> Andrew Perron wrote:
>> "#11 (written by Arthur Spitzer): ...okay, the idea of a fictional LNH-
>> equivalent *within* the Looniverse is awesome, and naturally, Arthur
>> takes it completely over the top (with a fictional equivalent of
>> *that*!).  Why hasn't anyone done this before, is my question.  I now
>> want to write back issues of the Teenage Disco Vampire Barbershop
>> Quartet Net.Force titles.
> Martin and Lalo wrote part of this also...

Whoops!  Sorry, guys.  Good job!

> Although I take full blame for the Teenage Disco Vampire Barbershop 
> Quartet Net.Force....

Woooooo!  TDVBQNF 4eva!

>> "'I just thought that, you know, this might be the sort of thing we
>> might discuss as a couple.' 'Isn't that what we just did?' Heh heh
>> heh.  ...who is he talking to?"
> Only Martin knows...

Hmmmmmm. Martin? >>

>> "#7 (written by Arthur Spitzer): This is the big Ripping Dancer issue,
>> the climax to her setup.  It's quite good, although I'm confused -
>> what was the deal with the cookies and the mind-control potion and the
>> people named after LNH authors?  And I thought Revamp Lass had become
>> Hell Catalyst."
> Manga Man gave her the potions to brainwash Fearless Leader... she 
> decided to use them against his thugs instead...

Yeah, but what did that do?  I mean, they were already following Manga Man.

> As for people named after LNH Authors... pure coincidence.. :)

Ah, naturally `-`

> And Jeff McCoskey created another Revamp Lass in the last issue of LNH 
> Triple Play  (#10?)...

Ohhhhhh, okay, that makes sense.  Archives archives.

>> "#6 (written by Arthur Spitzer and Martin Phipps): ...yes, okay, I get
>> it, Irony Man is conflicted and Hex is manipulating his fears in order
>> to increase his own power.  It's possibly a more glaringly obvious
>> piece of social commentary than Civil War was. (Note: This is
>> impossible.) And, yes, Irony Man is being an overbearing jerk to
>> Fearless Leader to justify himself.  It's just completely lacking in
>> subtlety."
> I won't argue with this... I suppose I felt I needed to constantly show 
> Irony Man as being conflicted... and couldn't find a fresh and 
> interesting way to do it...

Eh, it's cool.  Mistakes are how we learn!

>> "(Oh, and on a continuity level: According to old rosters, Romantic
>> Innuendo was originally a guy.  ...I know!  Someone needs to write the
>> Romantic Innuendo Transgender Tragic Love Story.)"
> I do have a scene in Beige Midnight #3, which is a dream sequence where 
> the male and female Romantic Innuendo are having a chat...

Oooo, interesting.

> I suppose I just considered the female version a legacy character...

...uh, yeah, me too.  I totally considered that completely obvious
possibility! >>;

>> "Overall thoughts (totally by me): You know, when I finished Infinite
>> Leadership Crisis, the way the whole Bart and the Bryttle Brothers
>> thing was introduced was kind of dismaying; it clashed with the rest
>> of the event.  But the way Beige Countdown was done was far beyond my
>> expectation; no matter how it started, t'was a worthy series.  Sure,
>> sometimes the phrasing was awkward or something was pushed too hard,
>> but you can really feel the *effort*, the *love* oozing out of every
>> syllable.  Awesome."
> Thanks for the review... glad you like most of it...

No problem! ^-^

>> Author's Note: Say, Arthur, if you're still looking for someone to
>> write Beige Midnight 4, 3, and 2...
> I assume you're talking about Beige Countdown 4, 3, and 2 since BM #2-4 
> have already been written...

Er, right.

> And if you want to write them... be my guest... I have no plans to write 
> them... and I don't think anyone else does either...

Yay!  Send me the plot <3

>> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, just sayin'.
> Arthur "Death to Beige Countdown..." Spitzer

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, yay for Beige Countdown!

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