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Honey-Love Bunny Believes in Magic and Miracles

Honey-Love Bunny stood there, afraid of the cries heard below.  Slowly
rising from the Throne of Bunnyopolis, Honey-Love Bunny looked in
horror as the prophecies were true.  The cries turned into howls,
serving to reaffirm the prophecies.  The Howls of the Rabid Newt!  Its
deafening screech was terrible!  But then Honey-Love Bunny wakes up
from the dream.  If Honey-Love Bunny could sweat right now, it would
be cold.  Never before, and never again!

Honey-Love Bunny hops down the street, looking for something to help
the dreams.  Only one dream, but Honey-Love Bunny had to know what it
meant.  So, doing what Honey-Love Bunny knows best, hops the Bunny to
the woman named Desire.  She'll know what the dream means.  She's been
around the block many a time, having heard many a dream.  And there
she is, so beautiful in the flourescent glow, her light penetrating
the darkness.

"You got cash?" Desire asks.  Honey-Love Bunny shrugs as if to say, I
wasn't born a kangaroo.  Desire smiles, giving one of Honey-Love
Bunny's flippity-floppity ears a stroke.  It's just so good!  Honey-
Love Bunny could barely take it no more, when Desire stopped.  They're
in front of a club.  Honey-Love Bunny's eyes go wide-- well, they're
already wide, as Honey-Love Bunny has no need to blink-- as Honey-Love
Bunny notices the name.  It's the Bunny Club!  Of course!  All the
answers to Honey-Love Bunny's questions are inside-- the BUNNY CLUB!!
But Desire doesn't lead him in the front door.  She leads him into the
back door, the look on her face so sweet.
Honey-Love Bunny waved at her, meant to say, oh you!  She laughs,
looking forward to completely wasting Honey-Love Bunny.  They're half-
way now, Honey-Love Bunny blowing it wide open.  The door from the
back to the front is now opened, and what Honey-Love Bunny experiences
is pure ecstasy!  In front of Honey-Love Bunny's wide eyes were many
other bunnies.  Some wore fake poofy bunny ears on their heads and
little else.  Those bunnies were beautiful, but not as beautiful as
Desire.  None could top her.

"I'm going to blow you away Honey-Love Bunny," Desire says
desirously.  She bends, picking up a wad of cash which had dropped
from her person.  She hands the wad to Honey-Love Bunny.  She leads
him forward, Honey-Love Bunny barely able to control the desire over
Desire.  She leads Honey-Love Bunny closer to a climax unfathomable.
Right before the climax of their journey is a door.  Do they enter
into the bliss which can only be behind that door, or do they retreat,
unable to know the secrets to the mystery behind the door?  Honey-Love
Bunny grabs at the knob, twisting at it with reckless abandon.  Desire
leaves him, going back into the Bunny Pit.  She urges Honey-Love Bunny
show on; its a one-bunny show from here on, a sad fact which Honey-
Love Bunny knows all too well.  Again, Honey-Love Bunny paws at the
knob, doing all for the love of Desire.  Honey-Love Bunny is
heartbroken, finally managing to open that door Desire had led to.

The room is dark.  It smells of wanton joy and pleasure, that which
bunnies, true Bunnies can not know.  It smells of success, but also of
failure; many Bunnies have failed in their quest to understand their
dreams.  Desires too, a Desire had Honey-Love Bunny in the spot where
there should have been-- but it's too painful now!  Desire is gone,
and the wasted desires hidden in this darkened room cannot help Honey-
Love Bunny.  A softened red glow is coming from a corner.  A waste in
all probability.  But Honey-Love Bunny can't go back to Desire, not
after all that she has led towards.  Not now, not ever.  There is a
tall-backed chair, Honey-Love Bunny notices, someone occupying the
seat.  Honey-Love Bunny braves up; it was Desire that made this moment
happen; she, Desire, the beauty of the wide-eyed Honey-Love Bunny;
Desire that so often tempted Honey-Love Bunny as she was doing even
now!  Desire!  Desire!

But Honey-Love Bunny is struck nearly dumb seeing the beauty seated in
the chair.  Honey-Love Bunny gets on all fours, meaning to say, I'm
not worthy mistress!  A beauty even more desirous than Desire!  How
could this be?!  Was this some trick by Desire, to be rid of Honey-
Love Bunny?  It was so unfair!  A hand snakes under Honey-Love Bunny,
bringing the vision of beauty to the Bunny's eyes.  Vision!  Vision!
Honey-Love Bunny was hopelessly enthralled by the beauty, the love!
All this did Queen Muffy-Love Bunny bring to the table, or chair as it
were; with her Scepter of Vibration in hand ready to give quick and
satisfying judgment; her Train of Multitudinous Conquest a tapestry to
her many victories; and not at least, her Tiara of Temptation, ready
to set off Honey-Love Bunny.

Queen Muffy-Love Bunny points the Scepter.  The Queen means to say,
what quest brings you here sir Bunny?

Honey-Love Bunny spreads arms outward.  Honey-Love Bunny wishes to say
I wish to understand what my dreams mean, oh great Queen.  But flubs
it up by saying, I wish to make a conquest of that which my eye

Queen Muffy-Love Bunny's interest is piqued.  Honey-Love Bunny waves
off the previous statement, saying, please forgive me, I'm nervous,
it's never happened to me before.
Queen Muffy-Love Bunny goes on, saying, what is it that you desire?
Honey-Love Bunny says nothing at first, and when Queen Muffy-Love
Bunny is about rady to be done with the Bunny a word, then a
waterfall.  I wish for one to have and to hold, not to simply desire
after; to show me dreams which I had never dreamed of; to share my
overflowing love and joy; and that I may show her those things in
myself which she too had always desired.  More than anything, I would
wish to know her and be a friend with her; more than anything, I would
wish to be her lover.  One in which she laid her belief in; one in
which I could believe in.  Tell me, Queen Muffy-Love Bunny, have I set
my sights to unattainable heights?; have I reached for some fancy
beyond my grasp?

As to heights, Queen Muffy-Love Bunny replies, I find you to be
perfect, as for a fancy, she giggles, I find mine tickled.  She rises,
willing Honey-Love Bunny in the same.  She continues, I dub you Sir
Honey-Love Bunny, a Knight of the Bunny Club, kneel before your
Queen.  Honey-Love Bunny obeys the command.  Queen Muffy-Love Bunny
taps the Scepter of Vibration on Honey-Love Bunny's shoulders, then
between the flippity-floppity ears.  You are a Knight of the Bunny
Club, Sir Honey-Love Bunny, now rise.  Again, the command is obeyed.
But Queen Muffy-Love Bunny kneels before Sir Honey-Love Bunny.

Queen Muffy-Love Bunny says, I've believed in many things, Good Sir
Honey-Love Bunny.  But never before have I believed in what I see
now.  In you Good Sir, she blushes, I see a man who could be my King.
I wish to believe in those things again Sir!

Sir Honey-Love Bunny is very brave in saying, Rise Queen Muffy-Love
Bunny.  She willingly obeys his command.  Queen Muffy-Love Bunny, says
Sir Honey-Love bunny, sees something before her very own googly eyes
which she yearns, and I the same, caressing the Queen's cheek.  So
Fair Queen Muffy Love Bunny, throw away your Scepter of Vibration--
she hastily throwing it away-- disregard your Train of Multitudinous
Conquest-- she disrobing herself of that burdensome Train-- but do
keep your Tiara of Temptation, as you are Queen Muffy-Love Bunny, and
should keep that thing which makes you so womanly.  It is here that
Queen Muffy-Love Bunny bares herself to Sir Honey-Love Bunny.  Stand
back!, says he, for a dragon has appeared before my very googly eyes!

A while later and Honey-Love Bunny wakes from the most pleasant
dream.  It is a let down that Honey-Love Bunny is touching-- himself,
for the sake of the argument-- in the region that has plagued him for
ages.  But Honey-Love Bunny stretches at the new day, thinking of the
pleasant dream.  What does it mean?  It seems that he will need help
in decoding this dream, and he knows just the source.  Honey-Love
Bunny hops down the street, meaning to go and see Desire.  Honey-Love
Bunny stops in front of a familiar landmark.  He points, saying,
that's the Bunny Club!  But there is no sign saying such, another let
down, as the place is boarded up and thoroughly graffitied.
Unbeknownst to him, this is a neighborhood that isn't too kindly
towards Bunnies.  Oh no!  Some neighborhood hooligans have come to
kick the tar out of him!  They bunny-handle Honey-Love Bunny before
being themselves accosted.  Out of the corner of a googly eye, Honey-
Love Bunny sees a train.  It's not just any train, it's the Train of
Multitudinous Conquest, the same which Queen Muffy-Love Bunny wore in
his dream!  Come back!, he croaks.  But Queen Muffy-Love Bunny can't
hear him.  She's long gone in the blink of an eye.  At least googly
eyes can't cry, lamented Honey-Love Bunny.  He looks up and is
uplifted.  In his mind's googly eye, he can see the Bunny Club's neon
sign striking out at the darkness with its rainbow of rays.  And with
that great thought comes a great hope.  Of that great hope, he thinks,
I believe in magic and miracles.  I can do anything, I can be
anything, I can conquer anything.  With that, Honey-Love Bunny becomes
as brave as he can, and forgives his attackers in hopes that one day,
his Queen Muffy-Love Bunny will one day see the forgiveness that he
gave in her memory.

Matthew Brande 2009

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