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Thu Nov 19 13:32:11 PST 2009

Love Bunny!
It was Honey-Love Bunny that accosted me!  That horrible person,"
pouts the
Manager.  Together they reach the climax of their destination, room
The officer pounds on the door, getting a start out of the Manager.
"Open up
in there!  Sheriff's Department!"  To the Manager, "If they don't open
you'll have to man up pretty quick."  Having the effect to start the
all over again.  The door opens up, Officer Maloney-- as reads his
makes a grab at his weapon, his loose grip slipping, he taking hold
There to greet Officer Maloney and the Manager is Honey-Love Bunny.
Honey-Love Bunny, the room is filled nearly to the brim of Honey-Love
Officer Maloney laughs, letting loose the hold on his weapon.

Officer Maloney casually enters room nineteen.  The Manager just can't
himself to go in there, that room has defiled him to no end!  Officer
asks: "Which one of you is Honey-Love Bunny?"

There is a moment where they look to each other; some shrug, some look
to be in
hidden conversation only they can understand.  Finally an answer
arrives when
fingers start pointing.  All the Honey-Love Bunnies are pointed out.
Maloney slowly backs out.  "I'm going to need alot of back-up out
here."  The
Manager hearing of the need for back-up, could have died of a heart

After all was said and done, there were sixty-four Honey-Love Bunnies
that night.  All but one were released.

"Honey-Love Bunny," Officer Maloney said, sitting at a desk in the
office.  Honey-Love Bunny rose, moving to the edge of the jail cell.
honey-Love Bunny acted as if pouting.  "Poor bunny-- no!  I can't set
you free!
 You're here because you accosted Manager Sanchez!  You're the real
deal!  Some
sort of criminal genius mastermind!  What sort of crimes you've
committed we'll
know soon enough.  I just hope and pray we've gotten you off the
streets in
time!"  Officer Maloney waited for a reply, receiving the pouty look
followed by a shrug of the shoulders.

"Well, you know what I've got to say to you?  Good riddance!  You've
got a
room, for a helluva long time, too!"  Officer Maloney bolted out of
the room,
turning the light off to Honey-Love Bunny, slamming the booking room
behind with a hollow clang.

Matthew Brande 2009

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