Misc/Acra: Honey-Love Bunny #2

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Fri Nov 20 15:14:59 PST 2009


Honey-Love Bunny Gets a Room

Honey-Love Bunny strolled into the Shaker Motel, looking to bed for
the night.
Honey-Love Bunny was a little demoralized, there was scarce a person
in the
small plot along the road.  Yet Honey-Love Bunny bellied up to the
desk.  Honey-Love Bunny was scrawled intricately into the Motel
occupancy of one lonely Honey-Love Bunny.

"You got cash?" the older man behind the counter asks.  Honey-Love
Bunny pats
the credit card logos.  The man holds out a hand, but Honey-Love Bunny
meaning to say, I'm a nudist dude.  Honey-Love Bunny shakes hands with
the bag
of bones and points outside.  The man smiles a bit.  "If that's what

Honey-Love Bunny nods a bit.  The man leaves, not realizing that Honey-
Bunny is a bunny, not interested in limp old noodles like that.  Honey-
Bunny steps behind the desk, swiping at a key.  Honey-Love Bunny exits
quickly makes way into the nest.  The Motel's Manager makes a grand
entrance to
the small and empty office.  He looks to the key board.

"Ah!  But my love has chosen room nineteen!  Still!, still my heart!
Soon you
will be loved!"  He waits a few minutes, so as to not appear
desperate.  Soon,
he makes his way to his ever so loving Honey-Love Bunny, extra key in
one hand,
special gift in the other.

He checks his breath and knocks first at the door.  "Hello, my
Honey-Love Bunny!  Hello!  It is I, the Manager!, here to check your
 He holds his breath, and hears the door unlocking.  Oh Glorious Day,
the Manager as the door opens.  Oh no!  What is this?!  The Manager
double-takes at the two Honey-Love Bunnies now occupying room
"There are two of you?!  I'm so unprepared!  To think: Two Honey-Love
I'm so wasted as to any other thought.  But look at this!  I'm so
The Honey-Love Bunnies seem to be in conversation.  They motion him to
be fully
prepared, as he nods them off.  Like a moth to the flame, the Manager
Come now!  What is this?!  Four Honey-Love Bunnies?  How could he
Manage this
delightful turn of events?  He was old, and not getting any younger.
It was at
that the Manager entered.  He was shoved aside by the first Honey-Love
Bunny he
encountered.  Being old and wrinkled frazzled him enough, but being
like that with no response?  No way!  But he was humiliated in
manhandling, feeling so lowly to be dumped into the mud.  Now, now he
have to rise and deliver for the Sanchez family name!

"Hello?  Police?  I've just been accosted.  Yes, Sanchez, at the
Shaker Motel
on Route 69.  Please, hurry!"

Well, there goes another love, he pouted in the few minutes it took
for an
officer to arrive.  The Manager noticed the lights, but no sirens.  He
as patiently as he could.  The Officer strode in.  He was a mean
brute, giving
the Manager an evil look.

"You're a dirty player, Sanchez.  You know that?"

The Manager quickly points outside.  "There!  There!  Room nineteen!
dressed in bunny costumes!  Follow me!  No, no!  You'd better go
first.  I
don't want to be accosted twice in one night!"

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