Misc/Acra: Honey-Love Bunny #1

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Honey-Love Bunny Parks the Car

"So," the parking attendant, a pimply faced dork if Honey-Love Bunny
ever saw one, said tipping up his hat, revealing an even larger sweat-
pasted field of pimples, "You going to park your car here?"

Honey-Love Bunny nodded and showed the attendant a city-wide parking
permit.  The dork didn't look impressed.  "I'm going to need some
further identification."

Honey-Love Bunny grabbed for the glove compartment.  The dork grew
impatient and blew up in a rage.  "Get your hands away from there!  I
don't know what's in there!"  Honey-Love Bunny shrugged, as if to say,
it's cool dude.  The dork would have nothing of it.  He grabbed for
one of his three weapons.  A loud whistling filled the air.  The dork
was blowing a whistle, Honey-Love Bunny hoping it would quickly run
out of steam.  It didn't and Honey-Love Bunny reached for the flippity-
floppity ears.  The dork sputtered when Honey-Love Bunny looked at
him.  Honey-Love Bunny was furious!

"I'm sorry!" the dork screamed, closing the door to his kiosk in a
flash.  There was no way in the world Honey-Love Bunny was going to
get in there.  Honey-Love Bunny exited the car.  Honey-Love Bunny
peered around the kiosk momentarily, arms crossed, pondering entry
into the kiosk so as to strangle that uppity dork.  The dork managed
to get to his second weapon, pounding on it hard.  Nothing came of it
however, as the battery was low.  It was a scarce occasion that the
dork needed to resort to his third weapon.  It wasn't by choice that
it was coming into use at such a terrible time.  The dork let it rip.
Nothing!  Nothing at all!  The dork felt instantaneously deflated.  He
looked back, finding no trace of Honey-Love Bunny.  The car was still
there, but no Honey-Love Bunny.

The dork sensed that it was time to escape.  Slowly, slowly!, he
exited the kiosk, ready to bolt back in at the sight of Honey-Love
Bunny.  At that same turtle speed, he slowly explored his
surroundings.  No Honey-Love Bunny in the garage, no Honey-Love Bunny
on the sidewalk.  Hallelujah!!  He was free from Honey-Love Bunny!  Oh
no!  A shadow from above and it's Honey-Love Bunny!  Run for the

But it's too late for that now, as Honey-Love Bunny pounced atop the
dork and waylaid him with a serious and suffering barrage.  A few
minutes later, the dork is properly put in his place; back in the
kiosk he went, even worse for the wear, as he was profusely sweating--
and by golly!, he knew for certain that he was going to have bachne
after this day!  Honey-Love Bunny took a step from the kiosk before
returning, the dork shivering at the sight.  Honey-Love Bunny
activated the crossbar before waving a goodbye to the dork.  Never
again!, thought the dork with a shudder as Honey-Love Bunny parked the

Matthew Brande 2009

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