CONTEST: High Concept # 4, Kitbashing

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at
Mon Nov 2 19:41:59 PST 2009

Okay, I've got my concept.  Not exactly going to be a /hero/ absorbing 
stuff, but bending/folding/spindling/mutilating the basic concept is 
part of the fun.
> I have a couple of ideas for this next contest, one more of a plot-
> idea springboard and one powers-based. I'm going to go with the powers-
> based one this time around and save the plot for if I win a second
> time; I'd be curious to know, however, which type of idea gets your
> creative juices flowing better-- I know Saxon's "super-parent worried
> about super-kid" did wonders for my Western story.
Honestly, for me it's hard to tell.  Inspiration hits me in the 
weirdest ways sometimes.  Could be plot based, could be powers based.
Saxon Brenton
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