REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #64 - April 2009 [spoilers]

Lalo Martins lalo.martins at
Sat May 9 05:26:00 PDT 2009

Thanks for the encouraging review.

I thought I should take this opportunity to clarify that I did not, in 
fact, run out of motivation again and stop writing :-) However, the 
computer with all my notes and partially-written issues has crashed, and 
I'm still a few days away from repairing it.  An issue should pop up in a 
week or so.

(Yeah, I have an off-site backup, but Murphy's laws state this kind of 
thing only happens when you forget to push your backup.)

The truth is, even without my notes, I could be working on issue 53 or 
something... but I'm really too miffed at not having a proper computer, 
or my notes, or my Crossfire source trees, or my work stuff, to be 
creative :-(

quoth Saxon Brenton (Fri, 08 May 2009 08:20:58 +0000):
>      Hold up.  First, one *aggravating* thing I noticed was another
> error of fact in last issue's reviews, in that the shapeshifter that
> Pantra purportedly ate in #47 was Freak of the Thundersquad/Old School
> rather than Jim Green of the New New New New New Young Teens.

Freak is (was) based on Venom and Rag Doll.  Venom's primary schtick in 
this incarnation is eating people.  So I figured, in the theme of "New 
Misfits throw a wrench on Dark Reign", Pantra eating Freak would make 
perfect sense, in a perverse sort of way.

> Another is a Chekhov's s Gun gambit, where a
> weapon (in this instance, the Ultimate Gnab) was introduced in #22
> during the Evilverse's invasion, was used as a threat by the villain to
> destroy the Looniverse in #40-41, then was reengineered and used by
> Cannon Fodder in this issue to end the threat of the Xinerama
> Brotherhood.

And it actually appeared for the first time a few issues before it was 
created, when it's being dropped at Fodder's bunk.

Thanks for enjoying my interleaving/long-term-planning efforts, that's 
what I've been having the most fun with in this series :-)  Let's hope 
when I end this, it all holds together in a nice way.

I'm using a laptop and forgot to copy my signature file.
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