META: Totally Off-Topic Money-Grubbing Self-Promotion

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Sat Mar 28 11:29:24 PDT 2009

Mary and I made a film back in '07 called "The Man Who Loved"; it's
now available for purchase at for
$19.99 and will be popping up on in the next couple of
weeks.  While there are no talking snails, jousting duels on
unicycles, or amish lesbians, I still think that some of the qualities
people might like about my work here on RACC can be found in my

Another Totally Off-Topic Money-Grubbing Self-Promotion Post will be
forthcoming in the next few months when a certain RACCie-winning
series mutates from text on a screen to text on a page.

And so this post isn't completely and utterly off-topic, you might
expect to see JOLT CITY # 18, "War of the Balloonists!", sometime next
month.  Still have a lot of editing to do, but as it stands, it's
three times the size of the longest JOLT CITY published previously.
Hopefully, then, it will prove worth the wait.

==Tom Russell

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