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Tue Mar 24 09:57:29 PDT 2009

On Monday 23 March 20009 Lalo replied:
>> It was the Qwertians who were the parodies of the Daxamites, not the
>> Dorfs. That said, off the top of my head I have no idea what the Dorfs
>> are like, so for all I know they're also parodies of Daxamites 
> Double confusion here :-) Dorfs/Dvorakians... and I believe the 
> Dvorakians _were_ intended as Daxamites, while the Qwertians, 
> being extinct, would be Kryptonians. Their naming pattern would 
> support that, too... but of course I may be wrong :-) 
Tsk.  Yes, typo on my part.  I meant the Qwertians were Daxamite 
analogues rather than the *Dvorakians* - not the Dorfs.  But yes, your 
analogy of living Dvorakians = living Daxamites while dead Qwertians 
= dead Kryptonians has at least superficial plausibility.  I have 
never thought about it in that regard, simply because I've always 
thought of Myk-El as a Mon-El reference rather than a Kal-El reference, 
which may well be oversight on my part.
That said, there are multiple levels of cultural reference that can be 
encoded in these groups.  As a simple example, the Dorfs may originally 
have been a reference to internet trolls, but they also had an Imperial 
Guard, which to my mind adds in aspects of the the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.
So, looking beyond treating these groups as references to existing alien 
cultures in comic books, and instead looking at the internet trends that 
they were based on, it's also the case that Dvorakians are a reference 
to the Dvorak keyboard, and the Dvorak/Qwerty war is a reference to the 
rivalry between Dvorak and QWERTY keyboard layouts.  (And, of course, 
the existance of the Etaoin Shrdlu as a Precursor alien race refers to 
the layout used by typesetters in pre-computerised printing.)
Saxon Brenton
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