LNH: 58.5 #47: Iz In Ur Sequelz Swechin Ur Baytz

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>The door
>opens, and most of our cast simply falls out: Bandwagon Chick,
>guardian and usual pilot of the Mystic Bandwagon, dressed like a
>cowboy.  Howie K., dressed like a viking warrior.  Cannon
>Fodder, in a Roman toga.  Pantra, in a three-piece suit and
>black tie.  Tree-Hugging Kid, dressed like Carmen Miranda.
>Analytic, dressed in a furry bunny suit.  Contraption Boy, in a
>kimono.  Fan Boy, all tied up and gagged.  And Old Ugly, in a
>pink dress and blond curly wig.


>"I'm Killer Weed.  I'm here to spy on my team, then betray and
>kill them.  But right now I'm still in the spying part, so I
>have to pretend to be one of them, and that means fighting you."
>"Oh, hmm, all right then."

Not a very good spy, is she.

>We'll see if you're still laughing when I betray and kill you
>and all your friends", said Killer Weed.
>"Haha", Green Jim laughed.  "Isn't she hilarious?  Her traitor
>routine never gets old."

Then again.

>~"Botox Obama!  He can't have me!"~  And he squinted and shook
>his head like Hiro Nakamura, cross-posting himself and the New
>Misfits back to the Looniverse.


>"You tell me", she said, and walked to a panel, activating a
>projector.  The scene that appeared on the screen needed no
>description, but for your benefit, she provided one anyway.
>"Washing.net.on is about to be trampled by a dozen giant
>marshmallow puppies.  Let's go."


>And guest-starring The New New New New New Young Teens:
> Bugsy: gifted boy who adopted the identity of the original
>        Cockroachman's original sidekick!
> Witch Princess II: a girl from Wundascyra raised by a Columbian
>        family, recently discovered her legacy and her powers of
>        angst-powered magic!  Soon in her own emo mini-series!
>        (No, not really.)
> Quick Kid II: somehow related to the original Fast and the
>        original Quick Kid (the current Fast), but there's time
>        travel, incest, and gay marriage involved, you don't
>        really want to know; suffice to say, he's annoying!
> L.E.D.: the Young Teen's multicultural cyborg and veteran of
>        the team, he hasn't really changed much since the last
>        time you've seen him!
> Green Jim: Years have passed but he's still the same age, go
>        figure!  Might have something to do with his powers!
>        Or maybe he's a skrull... wouldn't that be smart, a
>        skrull infiltrator posing as a green shapeshifter?  Too
>        bad this is the wrong universe!
> Angel Dart: Ton 80's and Liberty Eagle's adopted daughter, she
>        has an incurable terminal disease, but is determined to
>        live to the fullest the time she has left!
> Godly Girl: Godly Guy's cousin.  Yeah we did say he was the
>        last survivor of his pantheon, yet now he's away dealing
>        with his people, while his cousin is holding the fort
>        for him... you know what, it's complicated!

I'm so confuuuuuuuused.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, flarble narble?

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