REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #62 - February 2009 [spoilers]

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>>The final scene suggests that Disdain, of the Evilveres's Acla Fright,
>>somehow survived and was setting up the deception. Now, I've tried doing
>>a quick scan of past issues, and I can't find anything about the
>>Evilverse suffering an Infinite April, but the logical assumption is
>>that the presence of Disdain is affecting The Old School's universe just
>>like the presence of a member of the New Misfits would.
> ...really?  I thought it was supposed to be that Whatever had finished
> training with the Leviathan and done this herself.

As much as I hate spoiling my own series... no mystery was intended 
here :-)  I'll quote:

"You don't have to", said Bugsy.  "You're part of the team.  Of
the family."

"Thanks, that's so charming of you.  But I do; I'm not finished
with my training, *and* I don't think I can keep my own presence
concealed from the Xinerama much longer."

So at some point in her training, she and Levvy decided she needed to 
hang around heroes as part of the experience she needs, but it wasn't 
safe to go to the Looniverse.  She hangs with the New Young Teens a 
while, then goes back to the Leviathanverse.  The reason why they picked 
that particular world should be clear next issue (as soon as I write the 
last scene and post it) -- it has to do with the passage of time.

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