REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #62 - February 2009 [spoilers]

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>     Oh, all right.  If you must know my sister was *finally* able to find 
>herself an apartment in her price range which wasn't a run-down piece of 
>crap.  This was fortuitous because the raised level of first home buyers 
>grant expires in June (end of the financial year here is Australia) and we 
>had been beginning to worry about finding anything at all.  Especially 
>since reading (listening?) between the lines of the comments of a number 
>of realtors, it seems that a lot of sellers have raised their prices 
>deliberately to take advantage of the currently higher first home buyers 
>grant.  So, you know, euphoria in my immediate family.

Woo, congrats~

>The final scene suggests that Disdain, of the  
>Evilveres's Acla Fright, somehow survived and was setting up the deception.  
>Now, I've tried doing a quick scan of past issues, and I can't find  
>anything about the Evilverse suffering an Infinite April, but the logical  
>assumption is that the presence of Disdain is affecting The Old School's  
>universe just like the presence of a member of the New Misfits would.

...really?  I thought it was supposed to be that Whatever had finished
training with the Leviathan and done this herself.

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