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>I didn't say I didn't like it, but I wouldn't call it the "best"
>portayal of Batman.  The third Batman films was also sillier than the
>first two and I was okay with that (mainly because I though Jim
>Carrey's Riddler was funny) but when the fourth one came out with the
>nipples on the batsuit and Batman showing up at charity events (which
>he also did in the TV series) it was too much.  You know, people keep saying Batman & Robin was so much worse
than Batman Forever, and yet, after seeing the latter... I'm scared.

>> >And people complained that the Green Goblin looked like a Power
>> >Ranger.
>> First, those people were the ones who wanted him to look like he did
>> in the comics, which would, frankly, have been even sillier.  Second,
>> the complaints died down after people actually *saw* the movie.
>Actually, no.  Most people who go see movies haven't seen the spoilers
>on line first.

But most people who complain about these things on the Internet have.

>I think you mean "not all criminals are murderers" but I wasn't
>talking about people who shoplift: I was talking about the real life
>equivalents of comic book villains, ie drug lords, terrorists,
>gangsters, etc.

But that's the thing.  Not all comic book villains are at that level.
Many are just superpowered thieves or whatnot.  Just like real-life
criminals - just like real-life people in general - there's a lot of

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, heck, the Flash's rogues gallery
includes pretty much the entire spectrum.

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