[LNH] 58.5 #45: Who Cares If Anyone Reads This, I'm Going to Finish It!

Lalo Martins lalo.martins at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 12:41:38 PDT 2009

quoth Andrew Perron as of Fri, 27 Feb 2009 19:46:14 +0000:
> And now, to comment on it! And make tiny grammar nitpicks!
>>"Yay Sluggy, worship the comic.  Anyway, I was saying.  Uh, I was,
>>wasn't I?  What were we talking about again?  And btw, is anyone else
> Using "BTW" in dialogue makes the baby Ultimate Savior cry.

That's character-correct.  I have friends who use "BTW" (and "IRL" and of 
course "LOL" and "OMG") in spoken conversation, and Pantra is that kind 
of person.

Interesting with the LOL, some people pronounce it like "lol", others 

(Bizarre thing with using "BTW" in spoken conversation is that it's 
actually longer than "by the way".  One of the reasons "by the way" 
became so popular is that it's short and, well, has a nice flow.  But, 
people are strange.)

>>"Ah.  Well.  I'm looking for an universe."
> A universe. `` The word begins with a vowel, but not a vowel sound.

Really?  That's new to me.  Anyway, I'll stick with "Fodder said it that 
way", since I've seen it spoken both ways :-) (only apparently I was 
wrong about which one is correct.)

>>"Have you checked Green's universe?", Bonnie offered.
>>"My universe isn't dead", Green corrected.  "Just Earth."
> Really. O.o How does that work? He's from the Legion of Occult Heroes'
> universe, right?

Actually, I may be wrong about that. I should go back and check my LOH 
back-issues.  But at least on his universe (LOH-of-LNH2), there is *some* 
life, since Cannon Fodder (now Savior) is alive, and, well, the existence 
of Green him/herself means life as a concept is still around.

>>"There is no fish in the lake", said one of the soldiers.
> Are no fish. ``

eh, I'm going to disagree on this one :-)

> Overall, good,


> though it suffers from "reacting to the last chapter and
> setting up the next one" syndrome.

Yeah I feel that :-/  I guess I tend to do that when I return to a story 
after not writing it for a long time.  Kind of reacquainting myself with 
what I was doing and planning.  (I had the recap thing on the top, then I 
read the issue and figured it was redundant, heh.)  I suppose on some 
level it's good, since anyone who's reading can use it to remember what 
was going on as well, and set up for what follows.

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