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Fri Mar 6 16:19:37 PST 2009

Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> Tom Russell wrote:
>> On Mar 6, 6:02 pm, Arthur Spitzer <arspit... at> wrote:
>>> Tom Russell wrote:
>>> Always enjoy your essays Tom...
>>> Arthur "Keep them coming..." Spitzer
>> Been working on this one since November.  I should have another in a
>> month or so, though-- an appreciation of an LNH classic that ties in
>> with a certain major motion picture released today...
> Ah, Golden LNH-Men, right?
> Funny, because I was thinking of writing something about that too.  But 
> probably won't... just don't have the time...

Oh yeah, just in case any one is wondering what me and Tom are talking 
about here are some links:

For the first miniseries:

Jeff McCoskey's classic melding of LNH and Watchmen into one story.

For the sequel:

Matt Rossi and Peter Milan's sequel...

And some other stuff by Martin, Dave, and Jeff:

> Need to write Eggplant #4 this weekend...
>> ==Tom
> Arthur "Who Golden LNH's the Golden LNH Men?" Spitzer

Arthur "In Bret N. Vision!" Spitzer

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