[REVIEW] The Tribulations of Kid Review #1

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 6 14:59:43 PST 2009

Andrew Perron wrote:
> All was dark, and the young man blinked awake. "Mmmmf. Hey, move 
> over... bwah?"
> A light switched on above his head.  A booming voice spoke. "Andrew 
> Perron of Looniverse-A, you have been chosen to aid the RACCelestials
> in their ongoing judgment of rec.arts.comics.creative."
> "Um, okay, but I kind of need to go to work tomorrow--" He was 
> suddenly engulfed in a beam of energy, and gasped, rising into the 
> air.  His clothes fuzzed out, replaced with a loose-fitting orange 
> tunic and medieval breeches in silver.
> "Once a generation, a human is imbued with the Review Force, allowing 
> then to read, understand and comment upon the stories posted in 
> rec.arts.comics.creative.  You are that human.  Speak your name!"
> "I am... KID REVIEW!"

Yay!  New Reviews!

Looking forward to #2!

Arthur "Carry on..." Spitzer

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