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Who's Who in Jolt City

While I feel strongly that each episode in a work of serial literature
should also work as its own self-contained unit and thus be
immediately accessible, as an avowed comics geek I naturally have a
certain fondness for checklists, scorecards, lists, and guides.  It is
in the spirit of that geekery that I present the following.


MARTIN ROCK, the second GREEN KNIGHT: Jolt City's major superhero.  In
his costumed identity, Martin's extremely popular; as Martin Rock,
he's distrusted and despised.  Martin was the sidekick to the original
Green Knight, the late Ray Cradle.  In his mid-forties.

DEREK MASON, the BLUE BOXER: Martin's sidekick.  A former drug dealer,
he turned his life around when the Green Knight saved his life.  Derek
is also landlord to Martin, Dani, and Pam, renting out his late
father's house.  (He also lives with them.)  Just on the cusp of

DANIELLE "DANI" HANDLER: Martin's lover.  Currently Jolt City's Four-
Colour Liaison: if anyone, police or otherwise, have to get ahold of
the Green Knight, they do it through her office.  In her mid-forties.

PAMELA "PAM" BIERCE: Martin's other lover.  Owner-operator of Bierce
Bail Bonds.  Tough and brassy where Dani is hesitant and diplomatic,
she does not always get along with the woman she shares Martin with.
In her mid-twenties.

FATHER ROY RIDDLE: Catholic priest and Martin's confidante.  A secret
sub-basement in his church serves as Martin's hideout, the Knight's
Den.  Father Riddle does not approve of Martin's polyamorous
lifestyle.  Approaching forty.

DR. FATIMA "DR. FAY" TARIF: Head of the technologies department at
Jolt City University.  A devout Muslim but a terrible flirt, Dr. Fay
often provides gadgetry for the Green Knight.  Just turned thirty for
the fifth time.

ALISTAIR THE APELANTIAN: Dr. Fay's "assistant".  Captured during the
thwarted invasion of the Aquatic Ape Empire, Alistair is confined to a
water tank and communicates only through American Sign Language.
Because Apelantians do not use a solar or lunar calendar, but rather
one tied to the movement of certain tides, translating his age into
terms we can comprehend would be an exercise in futility.

ABNER SCHREBEL: Official Joke-Writer for the Green Knight.  His sense
of humour is... interesting, and let's just leave it at that.  In his
late twenties.

ANDERS CRADLE: Son of the original Green Knight, now head of his
father's company, Cradle Industries.  Aloof and emotionally stunted,
he's never been terribly close with Martin.  In his early twenties.

J. DONALD PROCTOR: The young head of Proctor Technologies, having
inherited the company from his late father.  A long-time rival of
Cradle Industries, Proctor Technologies produces the custom unicycles
utilized by the Green Knight and Blue Boxer for their personal
transport and has profited handsomely from the resultant unicycle
fad.  So handsomely, in fact, that they might attempt to unseat their
rival once and for all.  J. Donald is in his mid-twenties.

CARLOS CANTON: A city councilman, adept at media manipulation and
personal persuasion.  An ally of J. Donald Proctor, Canton used Derek
and the death of Derek's father to gain grassroots support for a
ballot proposal that has crippled the city budget.  In his late

PAISLEY PARKER: Lady newshawk.  Has a flair for crafting a human
interest story and is extremely straightforward about the realities of
her job.  Her stories were instrumental in helping to pass Canton's
ballot proposal.  Not-quite thirty.

MAYOR BERNIE BATES: Mayor of Jolt City since the early eighties.  When
we first met him, he was a meek and unlikely politician.  He seems to
have gotten better at it, but we'll have to see how he does under
pressure.  Mayor Bates is approaching sixty.

supervillainess and friend of Derek Mason's, she is currently in a
psychiatric hospital undergoing treatment.  In her former identity,
she sexually assaulted Martin (in his identity of the Green Knight).
Martin recently forgave her, and she seems to be making some
progress.  Nearly fifty.

BRIAN CLIPPER, the second DARKHORSE: Jolt City's other superhero.
This super-competent super-speedster has a knack for getting on
Martin's nerves.  He was placed into traction as the result of
injuries caused by Martin in his civilian identity, and has been on
the mend ever since.  Lives just outside of Jolt City and is
subsidized by the U. S. government.  Is a nudist and in his mid-

DAPHNE CLIPPER: Brian's wife, also a nudist.  Well-endowed.  In her


MARTIN ROCK, the GREEN KNIGHT, lives with his lovers DANI and PAM and
his sidekick, DEREK MASON, the BLUE BOXER.  FATHER ROY RIDDLE is his
confidante; DR. FAY and ALISTAIR his gadgeteers; ABNER SCHREBEL his

ANDERS CRADLE, son of the original Green Knight, has a business rival
in J. DONALD PROCTOR, who is allied with city councilman CARLOS
CANTON, who is allied with girl reporter PAISLEY PARKER.  That dynamic
duo were largely responsible for the passage of a ballot proposal that
has made the budget a mess for MAYOR BERNIE BATES.

ERIKA FUMETTI is in a psychiatric hospital and super-speedster BRIAN
"DARKHORSE" CLIPPER is still on the mend.  His wife, DAPHNE CLIPPER,
has large breasts.


Martin revealed his identity to Dani (JOLT CITY # 10), Pam (JOLT CITY
# 8), Anders (GREEN KNIGHT # 5), and Roy Riddle (GREEN KNIGHT
ANNUAL).  Derek Mason deduced Martin's identity on his own and
explained how he did so in JOLT CITY # 11.

Derek's identity is known to Martin, Dani, Pam, and Roy.  Martin
deduced Derek's identity in JOLT CITY # 11 as well, and the other
three learned sometime thereafter.

The secret identity of the original Green Knight, Ray Cradle, is known
by Martin (his former sidekick), Anders (GREEN KNIGHT # 5), and Derek
(as explained in JOLT CITY # 11).  Roy likely has his suspicions but
has never breached the subject with Martin.

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