CONTEST: High Concept # 1, The Forgotten Man [DEADLINE JULY 3]

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Mon Jun 29 14:58:39 PDT 2009

Just a reminder-- deadline for the first High Concept contest is this
Friday, July 3, 2009, after which a voting period will commence.
(I'll likely set up a poll on one of those free create-a-poll sites or

So far, there have been four entries.

Coherent Super-Stories # 17, Dave Van Domelen
One More Day, Andrew Burton
The Forgotten One, Martin Phipps
The Forgotten Vigilante, Scott Eiler

Let's see if we can't widen the field a bit before Friday.  Remember,
the winner, as selected by popular vote, will furnish the character
concept for the next contest.


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