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On Jun 23, 9:10 am, Martin Phipps <martinphip... at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I get CSI:NY by satellite from the Philippines.  It's a few months
> behind so I'm in the middle of season 4.  So far this season:
> * A case led detectives to investigate men whose girlfriends are
> manekins.
> * Lindsay is pregnant with Danny's baby.  Danny proposed but Lindsay
> said no.  Danny got her to reconsider after telling her that he loved
> her.
> And the last episode I watched?  What was the murder weapon?  A
> microwave gun.  Seriously.  And it was stolen from a lab.
> Gee,  This all seems like stuff I would have written.  In fact, I
> think I did. :I
> Martin

>From this week's "Permanent Damage" column on the CBR site:

"This week's question at Marvel seems to be "What if we threw a major
character resurrection and nobody came?" Speaking of which, interesting
jurisprudence questions for superhero universe mavens: if a character is
murdered but comes back from the dead, is his murderer still guilty of
murder?  If still guilty, can his murderer then freely murder him again
under shield of double jeopardy? (You theoretically can't be tried twice
for the same crime, a legal principle prosecutors have been trying to
make hash of for decades now.) And didn't the Trickster -- was it the
Trickster running around with the Pied Piper in 52? -- die as a result of
being relentlessly hounded for the murder of Bart Allen, who's abruptly
back among the living in THE FLASH - REBIRTH?"


Someone really ought to sent Steven Grant a season or two of

--Easily-Discovered Man Lite
--Wonders if Barry Allen and Iris West are still married,
given the "til death do us part" aspect of their vows...

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