MISC: The new Captain America

Lalo Martins lalo.martins at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 12:46:47 PDT 2009

Today, Joe Quesada announced who's going to be the new Captain America.

Steve Rogers?  Isaiah Bradley?

No, Joe said.  "Cannon Fodder.  He's the next Captain America."

Wait, what?

"It's true", Joe revealed.  "You see, super-heroes are staying dead less 
and less time these days.  So we thought, Fodder would make an excellent 
Cap!  We went to the trouble of locating wReam and acquiring the rights, 
and starting from Rebirth, er, I mean, Reborn, you're going to see the ex-
LNHer wearing the blue, red and white.  It's a genius move!  If you loved 
his death and are looking forward to his resurrection, well, now you can 
get that every issue!  Maybe more than once per issue!"

Look for Captain America: Reborn at some point more or less by the time 
Beige Midnight ends.

                                               Lalo Martins
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