REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #65 - May 2009 [spoilers]

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Sun Jun 7 18:21:07 PDT 2009

Saxon Brenton wrote:
> [REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #65 - May 2009 [spoilers]
> Reviewed This Issue:
>      Godling #13
>      Monsters 101 - An Academy Special
>      Hmm.  There's not much to talk about this month.  That's a bit of a  
> trend, these days, isn't it?  It's at times like these I worry about  
> Arthur's conjecture (from last year) about the effects of the economic  
> downturn on RACC.  [drums fingers thoughtfully]  And of course there's  
> some guilt involved in that, since I certainly haven't produced anything  
> in the way of fiction this year, despite having a couple of things on  
> the backburner.   I should probably do something about that...
>      Spoilers below:

I guess I should have never written that scene with Procrastination Boy 
in Beige Midnight...

Myself I guess it's a combination of Apathy, Procrastination, and hating 
every sentence I write... but I am still working on stuff...

Arthur "What to put here.." Spitzer

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