REVIEW: End of Month Reviews #65 - May 2009 [spoilers]

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at
Sun Jun 7 10:25:55 PDT 2009

In article <BAY105-W50EA4BC826BBF041FAB1A1CA460 at phx.gbl>,
Saxon Brenton  <saxonbrenton at> wrote:
>     In the concluding author's notes Dvandom also explains that the  
>impetus for this story came while in the shower and wouldn't go away  
>until he had written it down.  I can accept that - at least for the  
>conscious level.  I submit however that the idea may have been lurking  
>away in the back of his mind for considerably longer, since parts of the  
>subject matter relate back to the discussion he and I had in the wake of  
>_New Exarchs_ #11 in early 2008 when I postulated that the ASH setting  
>could have its own conspiracy of intelligent squirrels uplifted by  
>someone with the magene.

     In the realm of independent evolution, Rapfic provided ASH with a
conspiracy of uplifted hamsters who worked for Doctor Developer.  Whether
they survived to the 2020s has not yet been revealed.

     Dave Van Domelen, not about to try to shoehorn the hamsters into ASH
#100, it's already crowded enough.

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