ASH: Coherent Precogs - ASH #100!

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at
Tue Jul 28 08:02:23 PDT 2009

     On August 6, 1994, I posted Academy #0:

     On August 6, 2009, I will post ASH #100.  

     The actual story is done, clocking in at about 2000 lines split across
five chunks.  I still need to write the endnotes and do proofreading and
editmonkeying, but I'm pretty confident I can get that done by next

     There will be death.  There will be rebirth.  There will be at least one
classic anime reference.  And there will be many, many endnotes.  Be there
for ASH #100, "Rising Sun Part 4: Starslayers"!

     Dave Van Domelen, notes there will also be discussions of intellectual
property law, but that's probably not as big a draw for most of the audience.

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