CONTEST: High Concept # 2

Andrew Burton tuglyraisin at
Mon Jul 20 12:01:38 PDT 2009

Tom Russell wrote:
> So, Andrew, Saxon-- give us a character idea and put it in this
> space.  The contest will end, oh, three weeks after we get the second
> character concept.

Uplifted animals that aren't primates or completely anthropomorphic. 
Think Rocket Raccoon, Cosmo, Pinky & the Brain, Krypto, Devil Dinosaur, 
Mr. Ed, etc.  What's the utility of a hero having an intelligent animal? 
  How smart can you make an animal?  Do you have to make an animal 
smarter, or can they function with a translator system?  Why would a 
hero want a talking pet?

That's my idea.  Good luck.

Andrew Burton
tuglyraisin at - A Guide to Esoteric Technology in Paragon City - Take a guess. ;)

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