CONTEST: High Concept # 2

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Mon Jul 20 05:37:21 PDT 2009

On Sunday 19th July 2009 Tom Russell wrote:
> Oh, pardon me: the winners, plural, by popular vote, are...
> Our first-ever High Concept contest has ended in a first-ever tie.
> The winner of the contest, of course, is supposed to provide the
> character concept for the next contest, but since we have two winners,
> it looks like we're going to have two concepts.  And, to make it
> interesting, let's use BOTH of those concepts in the same story.
> Rivals, partners, enemies, lovers-- I guess that much is up to the
> participants.
> So, Andrew, Saxon-- give us a character idea and put it in this
> space.  The contest will end, oh, three weeks after we get the second
> character concept.
Oh wow.  My demeneted ramblings - mused upon for several weeks and 
then hastily typed out over a three hour stretch for a posting at the 
last possible moment - have found favour.  Coolness.
Uhm.  Okay.  To make this slightly easier I'll deliberately avoid 
proposing any concept that is likely to be *automatically* mutually 
exclusive with a large number of other possible concepts.  So:
High concept:  A superhuman who's concerned about his superhuman kid(s). 
'Superhuman' in this case being interpretted in it's broadest possible 
sense of 'someone who has greater than normal abilities for the population 
that he/she/it protects/is persecuted by/is associated with' - just to 
give the option of working outside of RACC's predilictions for 
four-colour superhero stories. 
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