CONTEST: High Concept # 2

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Sun Jul 19 08:08:04 PDT 2009

Voting is closed for High Concept # 1, The Forgotten Man.  The
contenders were:

Coherent Super-Stories # 17, Dave Van Domelen
One More Day, Andrew Burton
The Forgotten One, Martin Phipps
The Forgotten Vigilante, Scott Eiler
Ten Word Masterpiece Theater # 18, Arthur Spitzer
High Concept Challenge # 1, Saxon Brenton

And the winner, by popular vote, is...

Oh, pardon me: the winners, plural, by popular vote, are...


Our first-ever High Concept contest has ended in a first-ever tie.
The winner of the contest, of course, is supposed to provide the
character concept for the next contest, but since we have two winners,
it looks like we're going to have two concepts.  And, to make it
interesting, let's use BOTH of those concepts in the same story.
Rivals, partners, enemies, lovers-- I guess that much is up to the

So, Andrew, Saxon-- give us a character idea and put it in this
space.  The contest will end, oh, three weeks after we get the second
character concept.


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