[MISC] GODLING # 14: Maneater!

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[MISC] GODLING # 14:  Maneater!
By Jochem Vandersteen

With the speed of Hermes Godling runs through the hallways of the
abortion clinic. In his hands a ticking timebomb. He’s thinking, “I’m
still not sure if I am pro-life or pro-choice but I’m absolutely anti-
terrorism. If I get my hands on the zealots who placed the bomb in
this clinic I’m going to kick their behinds in jail. But first I need
to get rid of this bomb… safely.”
    He runs out of the clinic, which is surrounded by cop cars,
ambulances and fire trucks. The cops and firemen hardly see Godling
leaving the building since he’s running so fast.
    He finds his way to the river where he drops the bomb. There is a
loud bang and a spray of water as the bomb explodes in the water.
Except for some puddles on the New Troy Bridge there’s no damage to
anything or anyone however.
    “Good, that’s done,” Godling thinks. “Now I have to get to courts
asap. Walker thinks he’s got a pretty good defense now so I hope this
whole lawsuit will be behind me after today. The days in court are
getting to interfere with my superheroing.” With those thoughts he
starts to run again.
Marcus Walker, also known as Safari, New Troy’s urban vigilante and
professor Quentin Alexander’s lawyer is waiting in front of the New
Troy Courthouse. Glancing at his watch he thinks, “Come on, Quentin.
Please be on time…”
    “Hello Marcus, I guess you’re waiting for me?” a voice behind him
says. Walker turns around and sees Quentin.
    “Man, how did you manage to sneak up on me like that?”
    “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.”
    Walker puts a hand on Quentin’s shoulder. “No problem. Let’s get
inside and slaughter Amanda Reese and the D.A.”
“I have found out that miss Amanda Reese has filed the same charges
she has filed against my client against three other men. A
psychologist, a councilman and a businessman. All were convicted. But,
members of the jury… Don’t you think it’s a bit odd that the same
things happened to Miss Reese four times in a row?” Walker says in
    “Objection! This is not about Miss Reese’s earlier cases.
Professor Alexander is on trial here,” assistant DA Linda Cooper
    “I think the information is very relevant,” Walker says. “It shows
miss Reese is systematically targeting men of power, falsely accusing
them of raping her because of some psychological problem.”
    “Objection, objection, objection!” Cooper shouts. Amanda looks
    Walker smiles and thinks, “Object all you want but this will
surely end the way I want it to…”

After a few hours the verdict of the jury is given. Not guilty.
    As soon as those words are said there is quite some rumour in the
court, causing the judge to bang on his desk with gavel and call for
order. Quentin is hugged by Monica and congratulated by Wade and
    “Damn you! Damn you,” Amanda shouts, shaking her fist at Walker.
Cooper told her to quiet down, which she did. But she was thinking,
“I’ll get you for making a fool out of me…”
The following day there’s a big party at New Troy University to
celebrate the good news. Cops like Darlene King and Officer Janson are
present, just like Monica Sawyer and Marcus Walker. People were
holding drinks and eating cake.
    “I always knew you were innocent, Quentin,” Janson tells the
    Quentin smiles at the perky young cop. “That’s nice to hear,
    “Please, call me Kitty,” she says.
    “I have to admit I wasn’t very sure, but it’s good to see justice
has been done,” Darlene King says.
    “You have no idea how happy I am,” Monica tells Quentin.
    “If you’re half as glad as I am, I have a pretty good idea,”
Quentin says.
    Then Walker says, “What the hell are you doing here?” Everyone
follows his gaze. They see why he is so upset. Amanda Reese has walked
    “You made a fool out of me… All I wanted to do was feel good
again. Get back at all the bastards that caused me so much pain when I
was young. And you just made me look like some psycho bitch,” Amanda
says. She draws a gun from her purse. “I’ll kill you for that.”
    If he’d just taken his potion Walker would probably have been fast
enough to dodge the bullet. Alas, he hadn’t. He held up his hand and
shouted. The bullet left Amanda’s gun and hit him in the head.
    “NO!” Quentin shouts, also not fast enough to do anything about
the bullet. Walker falls down. Lifeless he is lying on the ground.
    King and Wade draw their own guns and perforate Reese with
bullets. Bloodied she goes down as well.
    Janson performs CPR on Walker. Wade tells her it’s already too
late. Nobody survives a headshot like that.
    “No, no! This can’t be true!” Quentin shouts as sirens can be
heard in the background…
On Olympus Godling stands before Zeus, who is sitting on this throne.
    “Damn your stupid rule! I want to bring back Safari to live again.
Marcus Walker saved me from jailtime, is a great hero… He shouldn’t
have died.” Godling says.
    Zeus speaks. “Easy, Godling. You are addressing the Father of the
Gods. You should talk with a bit more respect. You know why the rules
are the way they are. You have seen the chaos that would follow if we
allow you to decide about life and death.” (That happened in Godling
    “Please, see to it that Thanatos makes sure Walker is treated well
in the Underworld,” Godling pleads.
    “That I will personally make sure of,” Zeus says. “Now, go back to
Earth and honour him.”
    Godling nods. “I will, I will…”


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