LNH: Mister Blister and Sister State the Obvious # 2: Dangling Chads

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 23 16:54:38 PST 2009

Tom Russell wrote:

> And so, with Hex Luthor departing from the office-- while we're not
> quite sure how Beige Midnight is going to turn out, I think we all
> know that Hex's departure is a given-- 

Yeah, he's not going to be President after Beige Midnight is
through... which I guess means that whoever Hex's Vice President
is will be President from May 2008 til January 19th, 2009...

I give you Boatman and
> Gorilla.  They are not reserved: anyone can use them.  You might want
> to check out the old How to Write Haiku Gorilla guide, and as for Mr.
> Boatman himself-- well, I'll be fleshing him out somewhat in future
> Mister Blister adventures, but really, within the parameters created
> by that press conference scene above, he's more-or-less a blank slate
> for you to do what you wish with.  An open universe, after all,
> requires a viable pool of public domain or unreserved characters that
> support the differing interpretations of several authors.
> PS: If anyone wants to do anything with an underground Obama and
> Grammer Lad, then by all means do.

Arthur "Who is Hex's VP?" Spitzer

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