RACCies: Look at what the cat dragged out in 2008...!

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 12 16:18:55 PST 2009

Speaking of cats.

Man, I was hoping to have completed Beige Midnight by 2008 -- but only 
managed to get 3 issues done.  Here's everything else...

LNH Titles:

Beige Countdown #5: 'Hex Luthor talks to Bicycle Repair Lad'

Beige Countdown #1: 'Ultimate Ninja trapped in a Dream Prison'

Beige Countdown #0: 'Occultism Kid tries to find the Book of Deus ex 
Machinas' (with a sentence by Dave Van Domelen)

Beige Midnight #1: Imperium Hex part I: 'Ripping Dancer joins the Legion 
of Net.Villains' (with Saxon Brenton)

Beige Midnight #2: Imperium Hex part II: 'Ripping Dancer breaks Bicycle 
Repair Lad out of prison' (with Saxon Brenton)

Beige Midnight #3: Imperium Hex part III: 'Hex Luthor finds the Final 
piece of the Cosmic Plot Device' (with Saxon Brenton and Martin Phipps)

Eggplant the Easter Miracle Komodo Dragon #3: 'Eggplant battles Cabbage 
the St. Patrick's Day Miracle Ferret'

The LNH Webcomic #20-#42

LNHY Titles:

Girls on Beach Blankets #4:  'A Beach Blanket James Joyce Brand Eggnog 
Margarita Mix Christmas!'

usVerse Titles:

The Unfinished Sentence-Verse #11: 'Kid does book report about Sharks 
with Santa Claus hats'

New Characters created (in case you were wondering if there were any new 
characters created this year):

Lady Heartthrob
Continuity Porn Star
Color Error Man's Brother In-Law
Cabbage the St. Patrick's Day Miracle Ferret
Dr. Virus Love
The Living Non-Alcoholic Beer
Anatomy Lesson Lad

And I suppose Vector Sublime is a new character even though her first 
appearance is probably in Beige Countdown #7 where Revamp Lass 
mistakenly refers to her as Vector Prime.  Came up with the name in 2008 

Arthur "That's it..." Spitzer

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